February 26, 2012
84th Academy Awards: The Best Picture Nominees

Who will win: The Artist

There is no way around it, this movie is solid. It’s an node to old,old Hollywood hay day of silent  films while taking a fresh approach on an forever told story of when Hollywood went sound. I type this an I am watching ‘Singing in the Rain’ another film that tackle the moment in time when films went from silent to sound. French actor Jean Dujardin scored a Best Actor nod from this and it is well deserved. In the days of 3d movies The Artist did a fantastic job of holding on to you attention and even forgetting that the film is silent.  If The Artist wins it will be the silent film to score Best Picture in 83 years.

Who deserves to Win: The Help

I honestly wasn’t sure about The Help before I saw it last year, but if The Artist wasn’t nominated this would be the sure winner tonight. The cast is amazing and so in sync with each other and as every has said this entire award season Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer were the movie. It’s such a movie that you can not, not see. It’s out on DVD go rent, buy it, stream just go see it. NOW.

Runner Up: The Descendants

Honorable Mention: Midnight in Paris